The Best Ice Cream Flavor for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Your new favorite scoop could be written in the stars. ✨

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Ice cream is the ultimate summer sweet treat, and there are so many delicious flavors to choose from. Whether you're into classic chocolate or fruity flavors, you can always rely on your favorite ice cream to cool you off and settle your sugar craving. And if you're getting a little bored of your go-to flavor, or you simply want to try something new, you can go with an ice cream flavor that was picked out just for you by the stars.

Here's the ice cream flavor you should gravitate toward based on your zodiac sign, according to astrologer Skye Alexander, author of Magickal Astrology.

The Best Ice Cream Flavor for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Garlic


Sounds a little weird, but you can go with a more savory-flavored ice cream if you're an Aries. "Some of us would never consider eating garlic-flavored ice cream, but it's a popular treat at the well-known Gilroy Garlic Festival, held annually near San Jose, California," says Alexander. It's the perfect blend of hot and cold, tangy and sweet. She says, "Mars, the planet that rules Aries, also rules garlic. If you're making it yourself, roast the garlic first to bring out its sweetness, and consider adding vanilla, mango, lemon or honey to this creamy concoction."

Taurus: Chocolate or Chocolate Chip


"Taurus folks have a decadent streak, and what's more decadent than rich, dark chocolate ice cream, with chocolate chips and fudge sauce added? Plus, Taurus is governed by Venus, the planet that rules chocolate," she says. Venus is also the planet of love and relationships, so it's no wonder we give chocolates at Valentine's Day! Add in some dark chocolate chips or a swirl of peanut butter, if desired. Go on and treat yourself, Taurus, you deserve it.

Gemini: Walnut or Butter Pecan


Nuts, especially walnuts that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, are "brain foods," which can help boost memory and cognitive performance. "Therefore, nutty ice cream is the best choice for mentally oriented Geminis. Walnuts and pecans even look like the brain (which is governed by Mercury, Gemini's ruler)," she says. Go nuts for walnut-studded ice cream, Gemini!

Cancer: Stone Fruit-Flavored Ice Cream


Go with stone fruit-forward ice cream flavors such as peach, apricot or cherry. Alexander says, "Astrologers associate the zodiac sign Cancer with milk, so you can't go wrong with any ice cream flavor. The best, however, are varieties made with stone fruit, such as peaches, cherries and mangoes." Why? The shape of the halved fruit looks like a womb, and Cancer is the sign of women and motherhood.

Leo: Citrus-Flavored Ice Cream


Think of brightness and zest for outgoing Leo. "On a hot day in August, when the sun is in Leo, what could be more refreshing than lemon or orange ice cream? The colors yellow and orange also remind us of the sun, Leo's ruler," she says. Creamsicle-flavored freezer pops are fun and sweet—just like you, Leo!

Virgo: Green Tea


A favorite flavor in Japan, green tea ice cream is ideal for health-conscious Virgos. "Rich in polyphenols that help protect against cancer and heart disease, green tea also boosts brain function—an added plus for Virgos, because your sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs the brain," Alexander says.

Libra: Strawberry

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Recipe pictured above: Strawberry Nice Cream

Strawberries are a favorite fruit for the goddess Venus. "The planet Venus, where the ancients said the goddess actually lived, rules strawberries as well as the zodiac sign Libra," Alexander says. Libra is also the sign of love and relationships, and you can notice that the beautiful red strawberry is shaped like a heart. Add fresh strawberries into your ice cream for a treat that's as sweet as you, Libra!

Scorpio: Pomegranate


We wouldn't dream of giving you a boring or overly sweet ice cream flavor, Scorpio! That's why we came up with sweet-tart pomegranate. Alexander says, "According to mythology, the goddess Persephone was forced to live part of the year underground with the god Hades because she ate pomegranate seeds. The underworld, pomegranates and Scorpio are ruled by the planet Pluto." Astrologers also connect the dark red color of pomegranate seeds with Scorpio, so they're perfect for sprinkling on top of your scoop or working into a dessert recipe.

Sagittarius: Peppermint

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Recipe pictured above: Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream

Sagittarians are famous for their expansive, free-ranging natures, and if you've ever grown mint in a garden, you know how prolific this flavorful herb can be. "In magic spells, peppermint is used to attract prosperity—and astrologers link Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, with abundance of all kinds," she says. You could say it's *mint* to be!

Capricorn: Vanilla


Recipe pictured above: Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

It's OK to go with a classic flavor. "Capricorns are traditionalists, so it's no surprise that vanilla—the most popular and basic of all ice cream flavors—is a good choice for people born under this sign," she says. You might also want to try ice cream made with goat's milk (the goat is Capricorn's symbol), she adds.

Aquarius: Coffee

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"Quick-thinking Aquarians enjoy the stimulating effect caffeine has on the brain. These lively, air-sign folks like the jolt they get from coffee in any form, especially ice cream, because sugar loosens self-control—and these astrological rebels don't like to be reined in," she says.

Pisces: Candy


Cotton candy-flavored ice cream? Could be a good one, as well as other picks with candy inside. "Pisces' planetary ruler, Neptune, also rules sugar. Therefore, people born under this sign are likely to prefer ice cream with added bits of candy—peppermint bits, chocolate chips, caramel pieces, marshmallows—that boost the sugar content," she adds. Dust colorful sprinkles on top for a final touch of sweetness.

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