Teigen shared the recipe from her Cravings cookbook.
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Chrissy Teigen salmon dinner
Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

I’m always on the lookout for easy weeknight dinner ideas. I love turning to simple recipes like our 20-minute One-Pot Lemon-Broccoli Pasta with Parmesan or 5-ingredient Stuffed Baked Potatoes with Pesto & Eggs. And now, I have a new dinner recipe to try out, thanks to Chrissy Teigen.

The model and cookbook author recently shared a step-by-step tutorial of her Sweet Chili and Mustard-Glazed Salmon Fillets recipe via Instagram stories. The recipe, which has six ingredients and is ready in just 15 minutes, comes from her first Cravings cookbook (buy it: Amazon, $17). And to help her demonstrate just how easy the recipe is, she called on a very special sous chef: her 4-year-old daughter Luna.

Chrissy Teigen recipe page
Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

On the “Chrissy and Luna Cooking Show,” the two laid out the ingredients and shared a snapshot of the recipe. Throughout the tutorial, Teigen shared helpful tips, the first of which came when Luna seasoned the salmon fillets. Rather than salting close to the piece of fish, Teigen suggested that Luna should season from higher up to “make it rain on [the fish],” to allow for more-even distribution. 

After the salmon was seasoned, Teigen and Luna then created a sauce for the fish, made from Thai sweet chili sauce, sambal oelek and whole-grain mustard. However, Teigen noted that she only had sambal oelek in tiny little packets, which she didn’t feel like opening, so instead she substituted it for a chili-garlic sauce (this is the brand she used, Amazon, $3).

Chrissy Teigen salmon in a pan
Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

To accompany the salmon, the duo also made sautéed spinach and garlic using Teigen’s non-stick pan from her Cravings kitchen collection (buy it: Target, $30). While Luna took charge of stirring the garlic and spinach together (with a quick adorable pause to say hello to the baby in Teigen’s tummy!), Chrissy focused on making the salmon. The salmon got cooked with the sauce in a cast-iron skillet before being broiled in the oven to allow the salmon skin to get super crispy (buy it: Target, $30). 

Although Teigen was left to finish the meal on her own (Luna left to get a manicure), the cookbook author shared one final tip: Instead of throwing out the stuck-on bits of sauce from the skillet, she deglazed the pan with water to create a usable sauce that she topped the salmon with.

Chrissy’s simple and delicious-looking recipe sounds perfect for weeknight dinners, and I can’t wait to test it out for myself!