It's so easy, she promises, "You don't even need a recipe!"
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By now, I'm pretty sure I could host an entire dinner party just with impressive yet easy recipes I've snagged from @inagarten on Instagram. Not mad about it. (But I'll definitely still be investing in her new cookbook that's set to be released in October for even more ideas to step up my safely distanced hosting game!)

Ina Garten in Kitchen
Credit: Getty / NBC

Let's see, we'll start by snacking on creamy hummus with veggies, then move onto a round of fig-goat cheese toasts, then dig into a "snack dinner" of burrata and fresh tomatoes with a dessert of overnight Belgian waffles garnished with fruit. All will be enjoyed alongside supersized cosmos, naturally!

After that tasty dinner party, thanks to her recent post featuring a favorite locally grown Pike Farms produce pick, I'm now all set with an idea for an easy next-morning breakfast to start the day a la Ina.

Now that's a 2-ingredient "recipe" pretty much anyone can handle, even on a hectic weekday morning (P.S.- we're not counting olive oil, salt and pepper in the ingredient's list because most people already have them at home):

  1. Slice cantaloupe
  2. Top with thinly-sliced prosciutto
  3. Drizzle with olive oil
  4. Season with salt and pepper

A fan asked if Ina thought balsamic would work okay as an extra drizzle here, to which she replied, "Definitely!" (If you want to add it to your plate, we love this Blazing Bella Balsamic; $28, that comes in barrel-aged, fig, peach and other flavors.)

So how do you select the best melon? Ina covered that in the comments, too. "I find that smelling a melon is the best way to know. If it smells ripe, it's good to go," she said. (See our tips on how to pick a cantaloupe.)

To make this more of a meal, I'm going to try jazzing it up by:

  • Serving over a schmear of ricotta cheese
  • Piling on top of a bowl of Greek yogurt
  • Sliding a slice of avocado between each cantaloupe slice (inspired by our Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado and Melon Bites)
  • Layering over whole-wheat toast
  • Stacking on a bowl of oatmeal
  • Topping with a handful of chopped pecans
  • Building on a bed of leafy greens and topping with a poached egg (breakfast salad-style!)

Now the only tough choice is which variation to try first...