This hack is literally the easiest way to prep lettuce.
romaine lettuce leaves
Credit: Getty Images / Claudia Totir

It's official: TikTok is my new go-to source for finding fun and unique kitchen hacks. From discovering a useful tool for cutting watermelon to this trick for cleaning greasy containers, I'm constantly scrolling through videos looking for the next big find. And this new hack for coring a head of lettuce is equal parts kitchen hack and stress reliever.

TikTok user @nutritionbabe shared her hack for removing the core from a head of lettuce. With the core of the lettuce facing down, she slams the vegetable on to the counter. The motion creates enough force to break the core directly off. She's then left with whole lettuce leaves, ready for use. (Also, it looks oddly cathartic?!)

While @nutritionbabe demonstrates this trick with romaine lettuce, I could easily imagine it working with similar greens like iceberg lettuce or cabbage. And once you have the whole leaves, you'll be all set to make recipes like Chicken Caesar Lettuce Cups or Turkey & Cheddar Lettuce Wraps.

The great thing about this hack is that it'll save you time when cleaning up because it doesn't require a knife or cutting board. Plus, slamming the lettuce on the counter seems like it would be fun and a great way to relieve stress. Just make sure you use enough force for the trick to work!