Say goodbye to difficult lids once and for all with this affordable, easy-to-store tool.
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jar opener collage

So you want to have a pickle to go with your sandwich, or some chili-garlic sauce to top you're stir-fry—but the jar just won't open, no matter how hard you try. I've often thought, "Do they super glue these things closed?" We've all been there. Sometimes running it under hot water just won't cut it. And if you live without roommates, like me, who you can count on to help twist the lid off, this can be a barrier to some of your favorite flavors. But with these cute, affordable non-slip jar grippers, it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

For well under $10, you can solve all of your can opening problems, and even do it in style. Amazon has a variety of non-slip jar grippers that allow you to open lids of all shapes and sizes with ease. Some of our favorite jar grippers include this ladybug print (Buy it: from $6.99, and this flower print (Buy it: from $4.20, Plus, the flexible rubber material means they can be folded up and stored easily, anywhere in your kitchen.

Some jar grippers, like this Nopro Red Silicone opener (Buy it: from $5.21,, have over 500 five star reviews, which proves you are not alone in your jar-related struggles. Whether it's to help with all the canning you do from your summer garden, or simply to have easy access to your favorite condiments, these non-slip jar grippers are easy to use and an affordable way to ditch hard-to-open lids.