Budget stretched thin? Check out these helpful tips and resources.
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From insulin to prescriptions to blood sugar monitors, the costs of diabetes supplies can quickly add up. To ensure your lifestyle promotes healthy diabetes management, learning how to navigate the financial aspect of your diabetes is important. Check out these helpful tips and resources, which may ease the financial strain of purchasing diabetes supplies. 

3 Tips and Resources for Financial Help with Diabetes Supplies

Visit a Community Health Center

Regardless of your ability to pay, local health centers and clinics can provide medical and dental care and write or fill prescriptions at low or no cost. To find a federally funded health center in your area, visit FindAHealthCenter.HRSA.gov. Or locate a free clinic by calling 703-647-7427 or searching via NAFCClinics.org/Find-Clinic.

Seek Out Discounts

When an out-of-pocket cost is too high, let your pharmacist know (especially one at an independent pharmacy who may be able to access more competitive prices). Another option: Use a drug discount card. These cards aren’t insurance, and your costs won’t count toward your deductible when using them, but click-to-download cards like the ones at NeedyMeds.org are free and may help you save on prescriptions and supplies.

Explore Pharma Offerings

Many drug manufacturers have affordability programs to help qualified candidates receive their prescriptions at a lower cost (some programs even cover prescriptions for free). But finding out which programs you’re eligible for can be tough. Visit drug manufacturers’ websites or take the free quiz at MedicineAssistanceTool.org to see if you qualify and learn how to apply. 

This story originally appeared in Diabetic Living Summer 2020.