Turn Your Glass Yogurt Jars Into Storage Containers with These Reusable Lids

We can think of like a million ways to use these.

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oui yogurt lids
Photo: Oui by Yoplait

We love French-style, glass yogurt pots—like the ones from Oui by Yoplait—for a few reasons. First, yogurt is the perfect sweet and creamy snack or after-dinner treat. Second, the empty containers can be upcycled into adorable wine glasses or hanging planters.

And we just discovered that you can turn your empties into storage containers that are perfect for meal-prepping snacks—like your homemade trail mix, pre-portioned pretzels, and more. Not to mention, they'd be perfect for holding other odds and ends around your home, your office, and in your workshop—such as hairpins, paper clips, craft materials, and all those assorted screws and nuts.

Oui comes in fabulous flavors like pumpkin caramel and creamy vanilla-chocolate and is available as a 4-pack. But it's the lids that have us flipping our lids on the possible uses of the environmental-friendly glass packaging pots. The website offers 4-packs of lids in blue and clear.

You can also buy dupes on Amazon. Amazon reviewers say the lids fit Oui jars, but can also stretch to fit wide-mouth mason jars, so they're perfect for any meal-prep or home projects you may be wanting to try.

Silicone Stretch Lids


I'll personally be stocking up on these lids for prepping individual portions of salad dressing and granola. These pots and lids also make great gifts when filled with goodies such as this homemade spice mix. You can also find tons of fun DIY crafts to use your jars on Oui's website. Really, however you use them, you can't go wrong!

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