Plus, learn about his go-to, pantry-friendly dinner.
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Curtis Stone in the kitchen
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Celebrity chef Curtis Stone chatted with EatingWell to share his thoughts on cooking, kitchen essentials and more. The Aussie-born chef and star of Field Trip with Curtis Stone discussed the items in his fridge and the meal that "screams home" to him. Plus, he shared his reasons for getting involved with the charitable organization No Kid Hungry. Read on to learn more about the chef.

EatingWell: Finish this sentence: To me, cooking is…

Curtis Stone: bringing people together. Everyone eats, whether it's for sustenance or celebrations, but who you're with matters just as much as what you're eating. Cooking is also family, love, memories, history, nutrition, inspiring and healing.

EW: What food says home to you, and why?

CS: A Sunday pork roast screams home to me. My mum would make a nice weekend roast for my brother and me; I still like her to cook pork with a crackling skin during the holidays. (We might not have his mum's recipe, but check out Stone's Roasted Banana Souffles with Caramel Sauce).

EW: What's always in your fridge?

CS: Seasonal fruit and veg along with some nice rib-eyes and New York strip steaks from Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant [his L.A.-based project with his brother, Luke], eggs to whip up morning omelets, various cheeses, tons of condiments, and whole milk for my cappuccino habit.

EW: Is there a kitchen gadget you can't live without?

CS: An instant-read thermometer. There is nothing worse than spending money on a beautiful piece of meat, overcooking it and losing all the juiciness and flavor (We love this one from OXO, $20).

EW: What food or diet trend do you not understand the hype for?

CS: Fasting. It's not that I don't agree with it, I just know that I could never do it, not only because of my profession, but because I just love food too much (Learn more about intermittent fasting). 

EW: You have to make dinner with only items from your pantry. What are you making?

CS: I've been making a lot of fried rice lately. Anything can go into it, really, so whatever produce you have on hand works just fine (Try our recipes for Shrimp & Egg Fried Rice or Broccoli Fried Rice). 

EW: You designed a limited-edition spatula for Williams Sonoma's Tools for Change campaign to benefit No Kid Hungry. Why is this cause important to you—and what was your design inspiration?

No Kid Hungry® Tools for Change Silicone Spatula, Curtis Stone
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Williams Sonoma

CS: It's unacceptable that anyone, especially a child, should go hungry in this country. There is plenty of food, and food waste is a huge issue. When I realized how many kids relied on school meals, I was shocked and knew I needed to get involved to help raise awareness. I'm Australian, so I wanted to go with something a bit iconic for the design. I'm also a huge boxing fan and I've just gotten back in the ring over the last year as a workout, so the boxing kangaroo seemed fitting. (You can learn more about the full collection here). 

EW: Beer, wine or cocktail?

CS: Depends on the occasion, but I'm going to go with wine, specifically rosé.

This story originally appeared in EatingWell Magazine September 2020.