Consider this our new go-to method.

It seems like every week there's a new food trend making its way around the Internet, thanks to TikTok. Whether it's tie-dyeing your clothes with wine or a trick for cutting watermelon, TikTok is the place to discover new tips and tricks. And the latest trick is a method for cleaning greasy containers—so I decided to test it out for myself. 

TikTok user @adikempler shared her hack for removing greasy stains from Tupperware. Her method is simple: simply add dish soap and warm water to the container along with a few pieces of ripped up paper towel. Then place the lid on and shake the container for about 45 seconds to a minute. In the video, the method seems to completely clean the sauce-stained container (without any scrubbing!). 

I tested out the trick on a container that had oil and grease stains from roasted chicken and potatoes (P.S.-Check out the method I use for getting super crispy potatoes). Normally, to clean a container like this, I have to let the container sit and soak with warm water and soap, so I was eager to see if this hack would cut down on my cleaning time.

dirty and clean container
Credit: Alex Loh

I followed the instructions TikTok user @adikempler lays out, filling the container about a third of the way with warm water, soap and one paper towel, ripped into thirds. I then shook the container for a full minute, going back and forth in all directions to really agitate the liquid inside. After I rinsed out the container, I was stunned to see how clean it was. Typically, I'm left with oily streaks that I have to scrub to remove, but this method left me with a practically new-looking container.

This is one hack that I will definitely be using in the future, especially with those pesky sauce- or oil-stained containers. Not only was it easy, but it also helped cut down on my cleaning time, which is always my least favorite part of cooking. And now, I can use that extra time searching TikTok for more hacks to try!