The Key to The Most Organized Kitchen Yet are These Nifty Containers

Maximize your kitchen space in style with these practical and versatile storage solutions from the creators of The Home Edit.

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kitchen storage solution

Everyday function meets effortless style with The Home Edit's exclusive Fridge & Pantry Collection at The Container Store. Whether you're in the market for a few simple storage solutions or a full kitchen organization system, each of these versatile and practical pieces compliment any kitchen design and help you maximize space in your pantry, fridge and cabinets.

How to Organize Your Kitchen

Check out these resources to help you make the most of your kitchen spaces and minimize food waste.

All-Purpose Bin


Buy It: $18.99

This all-purpose bin is a multi-tasking workhorse in the pantry and essential for space management. Bags, boxes and cans—which can quickly become cluttered on open shelves—stay organized and easy to find tucked into these containers. Built-in handles make moving them a breeze and they're perfectly sized to hold The Home Edit's smaller organizer bins for sorting and sleek storage.

3-Tier Shelf

3 tier shelf

Buy It: $29.99

It's easier to take advantage of a well-stocked pantry when you have quick and effortless access to everything on hand. Whether you've got limited pantry space or deep shelves, this tiered shelf displays your canned goods, spices and other pantry staples in clear view for easy grabbing and quick inventory. And it's expandable for when you need extra storage.

Stacking Pantry Bin

stacking pantry bins

Buy It: $17.99 each or $64.76 for 4

Don't let open space go to waste! Maximize small pantries or tall shelves with stackable, clear containers that can be used for boxed goods, packaged snacks and everything in-between. Their functional open design allows you to easily grab what you need without rearranging the bins. Purchase one or a case of four (at a discount) for the ultimate pantry storage solution.

Pantry Canisters

pantry canisters

Buy It: $8.99-$12.99 each

What's one of the simplest ways to tidy a pantry? Find a practical storage solution for the bulk goods like grains, beans and nuts. There's no easier way than with these stackable canisters made of BPA-free durable plastic that come fitted with a silicone gasket for an air-tight seal. You can also snag cereal canisters (built to hold up to two standard boxes of cereal) designed with tapered handles for easy pouring.

Rainbow Organizer Bins

rainbow organized bins

Buy It: $5.99-$7.99 each

If color-coding is your jam, or you just like a pop of color, these assorted rainbow-hued containers are a festive way to organize your kitchen. Durable and available in two sizes, the see-through bins can be used to help kids identify after-school snacks, to sort dinner ingredients by day of the week, or for keeping baking supplies together.

Divided Fridge Drawer

divided fridge drawer

Buy It: $19.99

If you've every wished for more drawer space in the fridge, this one's for you. Functional and efficient, these modular drawers hold everything from fresh produce to single-serving yogurts and come with a removable divider for sorting. Drawers can be securely stacked for even more practical storage and can also fit atop other products including The Home Edit's Fridge Bin and Produce Bin. They are freezer-safe, too.

Divided Freezer Bin

divided freezer bin

Buy It: $17.99 each

When it comes to kitchen organization, freezers can be a challenge. They're often a dumping ground for half-filled bags of frozen vegetables, freezer meals and forgotten leftovers. Keep things in order (and reduce food waste) with clear, stackable bins that fit most standard-depth refrigerators and freezer drawers. The removable divider allows you to sort foods by type and the integrated handles make for quick removal so you'll never have to go digging into the frozen depths again.

Large Lazy Susan

large lazy susan

Buy It: $39.99

Looking for a better way to organize kitchen cleaning supplies? This large lazy susan can fit under the sink and is built with nearly 4-inch sides to hold all of those bottles, big and small. It's also useful for storing bigger pantry items like bags of snacks or bulk goods. And it comes in a smaller size ideal for condiments and spices and a 2-tier version to make the most of taller spaces.

Kitchen and Fridge Labels

kitchen labels

Buy It: $9.99

Is there anything more satisfying than labeling? We don't think so, which is why these clear adhesive labels are a must-have in the kitchen. The neatly scripted labels are designed for use on all of The Home Edit's bins and containers and help to maintain order and organization in your pantry and fridge.

Kitchen Storage Solution

kitchen storage solution

Buy It: $359.81

Perfect for those looking for a complete kitchen organization system, this starter kit combines all of The Home Edit's essentials including bins, canisters and expandable shelf. You can also snag storage solutions designed specifically for the pantry or fridge to help you maximize those spaces in style.

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