I Just Found Out That Ina Garten Has a Recipe for Dog Treats and I'm Freaking Out

And now I have a weekend baking project.

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Ina Garten Dog Treat Recipe
Photo: Facebook / Ina Garten

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Anyone who's close to me knows that I'm obsessed with two things: Ina Garten and my dog Grits. And in a moment of pure serendipity while I was watching The Barefoot Contessa last night, these two very different worlds collided.

In the episode titled "Cocktails and Cookies," Ina had two friends and their adorable pup over for a cooking and cocktail-making lesson. Naturally, she shook up some Blood Orange Cosmos and made her new four-legged friend some Whole Wheat & Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits because she's the ultimate hostess (even for dogs).

Ina says in the episode that she tested her homemade treats against a comparable store brand on several dogs, and they all immediately ran to her version and gobbled them down. Apparently, when it comes to dog treats, even in Ina's world, store-bought is *not* fine.

Although Ina can do no wrong, there's one thing I can't seem to wrap my mind around with these dog treats. They have 21, 5-star ratings on Food Network, which is a little confusing. Dogs obviously can't write recipe reviews, so are humans sampling the treats? Or are they rating them based on ease and/or how much their dog liked them? I'm really hoping it's the latter option, but I digress.

I can't wait to make Ina Garten's dog biscuit recipe this weekend for Grits. He has a sensitive tummy, so I love that the ingredients are wholesome and safe for pups (just make sure to look at your PB label, as some brands can contain Xylitol which can be deadly to dogs). You can find Ina's full recipe here, and don't forget to stock up on an adorable bone-shaped cookie cutter so you can make cute treats. We love this one from Amazon for $6. It comes with three sizes, so you can pick out the perfect portion for your pup. As Ina would say, "How easy is that?"

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