Could you adopt a vegan lifestyle for a month?
kale salad with tofu

Whether it’s for dietary reasons, animal welfare concerns or wanting to protect the environment, many people have chosen to adopt a vegan diet. And if you’ve ever considered trying out a vegan diet, now might be the perfect time to try with the new challenge from Vegan Liftz.

Vegan Liftz, a website that helps people build a healthy vegan lifestyle, is looking for three people to adopt a vegan diet for 30 days. In exchange for going vegan, the company will pay their participants $2,500. According to their website, Vegan Liftz is offering this challenge as a way to “demonstrate the real-life effects of a vegan diet on a person’s health and fitness.”

In order to apply, participants have to reside in one of the top five meat-eating states in the U.S.: Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas or Indiana. The company wants candidates who have previously consumed a meat-heavy diet, in hopes of showing the most comparative results between lifestyles. To support the participants, Vegan Liftz will provide a diet plan as well as health and fitness checks throughout the month.

Eating a vegan-friendly diet has been linked with health benefits like weight loss and keeping your heart healthy. Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your meals. If you’re interested in applying for Vegan Liftz’s challenge, you can find the rules and application here. And if you don’t reside in one of the top five meat-eating states, you can still try a vegan lifestyle on your own. Check out these healthy tips for starting a vegan diet and find recipe inspiration here