Plant these nectar-producing flowers and watch your garden bloom.
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Williams Sonoma Butterfly Garden Seed Kit
Credit: Williams Sonoma

I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, so I’m always on the lookout for easy, manageable plants (like this self-watering herb jar or this plant collection designed for inept gardeners). Despite my not-so-stellar track record, one of my favorite activities is sitting by the garden and enjoying the summer weather. And now, I’ve found my next gardening project with this Butterfly Garden Seed Kit.

This seed kit is designed to attract butterflies to your garden (buy it: Williams Sonoma, $30). The kit comes with six different types of flower seeds, all of which are nectar-producing (read: they’ll make butterfly food). The flowers included are nasturtium (which is edible!), corn poppy, purple cornflower, zinnia, lupine and cosmos.

In addition to the seeds, the kit also comes with six soil pellets, six coco fiber pots and wooden markers so you can keep track of the different flowers. To start your butterfly-friendly garden, place a soil pellet in one of the pots, add water and fluff the soil. Then add 3-5 seeds and place your pot in a sunny location, making sure to keep the soil damp at all times. According to Williams Sonoma, seedlings should appear in 5-20 days, depending on the flower. And once your seedling is strong enough, you can plant the pot directly into your garden!

This butterfly garden seed kit is an easy project that will instantly transform your space into a butterfly habitat (buy it: Williams Sonoma, $30). Not only will butterflies brighten up your garden, but they’ll help pollinate your plants as well (check out other pollinator-friendly flowers here). And after you’ve completed this gardening project, try using your wine bottles in a fun, upcycled garden border.