These tasty bites are worth the brain freeze.
frozen desserts on blue background
Credit: Ted & Chelsea Cavanaugh

Beat the heat with these frozen desserts. From frozen fruit bars made with real fruit (go figure) to dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, squash your frozen-treat craving with these nine sweets that are low in sugar but high on flavor.

Credit: Daiya Bars

Daiya Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Bars

180-200 calories, 13-15g sugar

Reminiscent of an ice cream truck goody, you won’t believe these chocolate-dipped bars are vegan. We’re obsessed with the Chocolate Fudge Crunch flavor; its shell is loaded with pumpkin seeds.

Halo Top Mini Pops

50-60 calories, 3-5g sugar

Skip the pint—the makers of that low-calorie ice cream with a cult following now make perfectly portioned pops in childhood-favorite flavors, such as Mint Chip and Peanut Butter Swirl.

Trader Joe’s Mini Mochi

70 calories, 7g sugar (for 2 pieces)

A chewy rice dough wraps around a flavorful coconut-based ice cream center in these Japanese-inspired bite-size desserts. The mango variety has serious vacation vibes.

Credit: GoodPop


35-120 calories, 7-17g sugar

This company is making nostalgic icy snacks but with all-natural colors and no other artificial ingredients. Think red, white and blue Cherry Lemonade rocket pops and plant-based Chocolate Fudge and Orange N’ Cream pops.

SoDelicious Sandwiches

100 calories, 7g sugar

Creamy coconut and almond milk-based “ice cream” gets sandwiched between two soft, chocolate wafer cookies for a classic ice cream sandwich, without the dairy!

Dole Dippers

70-100 calories, 6-9g sugar

Dole has you covered with packs of frozen chocolate-dipped pineapple and banana chunks. Go for the dark-chocolate varieties for added antioxidants.

Yasso Bars

80-130 calories, 11-16g sugar

Grab one of these bars in flavors like Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough, Sea Salt Caramel and Mint Chocolate Chip. Creamy Greek yogurt makes this treat feel indulgent while delivering the protein: 5 grams or more per serving.

Magnum Mini Ruby Ice Cream Bars

130 calories, 3g sugar (for 1 bar)

The notoriously rich bars are now available in a perfect-size treat. Its gorgeous pink hue comes from ruby cacao, which is naturally pink.

Chloe’s Dipped Pops

120 calories, 15-17g sugar

The company’s classic fruit pops keep it simple with just real fruit puree, water and sugar. But the dipped version takes it a step further by smothering the frozen treat in a dark chocolate shell.

This story originally appeared in EatingWell Magazine June 2020.