Don't let a single drop go to waste.

Alex Loh
July 27, 2020
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Food52 Bamboo Cutting Board
Credit: Food52

Whenever I cut fruit, there’s always an excess of juice that flows out. And even though I have a cutting board with a groove that collects it, I’m forced to wash it down the drain because there’s no easy way to siphon it off the cutting board. But recently, I discovered Food52’s Bamboo Cutting Board that’s designed to collect and perfectly pour out those run-off juices, so nothing goes to waste.

This double-sided cutting board comes with a juice groove that funnels all excess liquid to one corner, making it easy to pour and utilize in your cooking (buy it: Food52, $59). While the unique feature was designed for fruit juice, it’s also a great function for cooked meat. You could easily take the flavorful run-off juices from a chicken and turn it into a delicious pan sauce

Food52 Bamboo Cutting Board
Credit: Food52

On the other side of this cutting board is another fun feature: a phone slot. This phone slot is great if you need to follow instructions as you’re learning how to cut produce like pineapples or avocados. It also works well if you’re following along with a video tutorial, but make sure your eyes are always on the knife when you’re cutting (and learn why it’s actually safer to have a sharp knife). 

The cutting board measures at 18 inches long and 13 inches wide, which is a great size for cutting everything from veggies to proteins. You could also use it as a serving platter for recipes like our Mediterranean Appetizer Board and our Summer Melon & Cheese Board. And after you’ve used the board, simply clean it with soap and water (learn more about how to clean your cutting board here). Food52 also recommends applying mineral oil to the board whenever the wood begins to feel dry. (We like this one from Amazon, $16)

This cutting board would be a useful addition to any kitchen with its fun, practical features (buy it: Food52, $59). It would also make a great gift for anyone learning how to cook (read: someone who needs to look at recipes frequently). Either way, this double-sided cutting board has something for everyone!