Get a chance to earn rewards towards your favorite beverages.
Starbucks storefront
Credit: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan / Staff

Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a cool, refreshing beverage—and Starbucks is here to help. The chain recently brought back their Summer Game promotion, this year with a fun, Plinko-style challenge. If you’re a frequent visitor to Starbucks, this new game is an easy way to earn star rewards and free drinks to keep you hydrated in the summer weather.

To participate in the game, simply log in to your Starbucks reward account at Every member gets the first play for free and a chance to win stars, free drinks, coupons or a changing weekly prize, depending on if the ball lands in a bucket. This week’s fun prize is a S’mores Frappuccino Pool Floatie (and who wouldn’t want to sip a cool drink while laying in the pool?). 

If your ball misses the buckets, you’ll still get an entry into the Starbucks sweepstakes and a chance to win stars. For every subsequent play, you can either make a purchase to earn a turn (check out these low-calorie iced drinks you could order) or fill out a form for a free chance at another play. 

The game lasts until August 23, so there’s plenty of time to get in on the action. This promotion is a fun way to earn rewards—especially if you’re already a weekly visitor to Starbucks like me. Since you’re already spending the money, why not test your luck and see what you can win? (I got lucky and won 10 stars on my first try!)