Introducing: Your new favorite mini meal.
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aldi chocolate hummus snack pack
Credit: Aldi

Dessert hummus is one of the biggest snack trends of the past few years. And we are all about some protein-rich, low-calorie options like Trader Joe's Chocolate Hummus, Delighted By Key Lime Hummus and Aldi's Carrot Cake Hummus.

But, when it comes to snack dips, not all flavor combos are successful, the nutrition stats can be majorly disappointing (read: high in calories and added sugars) and the texture of some products can err on the gritty side.

This is certainly not the case for Aldi's house brand Park Street Deli Chocolate Hummus, which we've been a fan of for months. And today, the popular supermarket chain added a delightful dessert hummus-based snack to their August Aldi Finds—the soon-to-be-released products that superfans need to have on their radars.

Starting August 5 at most Aldi locations, you'll be able to snag six chocolate hummus and pretzel snack packs for $4.49. Each ¼-cup serving of the hummus has 160 calories, 8 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbs (including 14 grams of sugar), 3 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. The dip recipe is made with a pretty simple ingredient lineup of steamed chickpeas, cane sugar, water, olive and sunflower oils, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla and sea salt, then is paired with pretzel twists to complete the dunking duo.

One of the biggest challenges we generally have with hummus, sweet or savory, is sticking to a standard portion size. (I mean, who can actually stop at 2 tablespoons?!) But these pre-portioned cups offer a normal human-size yet not-massive serving that, when scooped up with the pretzels, clocks in at a reasonable mini-meal tally of 310 calories. We already have this on our shopping lists for our next online order for Aldi delivery, and plan to add on strawberries to slice and enjoy with the hummus alongside the pretzels on days we need to sneak in an extra serving of produce.

No Aldi nearby? Recreate a similar snack-sperience with our 10-minute Dark Chocolate Hummus, a small bowl of berries and a handful of pretzels (we love Real Food From the Ground Up Cauliflower Pretzel Twists; $22.50 for six 4 ½-ounce bags,