Upgrade your lunch with the perfect salad for your zodiac sign!
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Salad can get a little boring, especially when you're eating the same ingredients or dressing every time. That's why it's a good idea to play around with different proteins, fruits, veggies and toppings for a nutritious meal that will never get old. And what better way to start than by choosing a salad designed for you based on your zodiac sign? If you want to shake things up, try these picks from astrologer Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of the book Magickal Astrology.


Cucumber & Tomato Salad with Preserved Lemon

"Aries' zodiac symbol is the ram, so a chilled Persian Cucumber & Tomato Salad (with lamb added) is a good choice for people born under this sign," she says. You fiery people like it hot, so season your lamb with some bold spices for an added kick. "Greek salad with feta (sheep's) cheese is another good choice for Aries people," she says, so try both!



Born under the sign of the bull? Enjoy a cold Spinach Salad with Steak & Blueberries. It's packed with spinach, which has a stronger flavor than iceberg lettuce. Though this salad recipe is made with feta, Alexander says, "Taurus also rules cows, so top your salad with crumbled blue cheese."


Cobb Salad

"Curious Geminis like to experiment and try new things, often on a whim. They also appreciate diversity," she says. The Cobb salad has plenty of flavor and texture from the chicken, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, bacon and various greens to keep things interesting...just like you, Gemini!



Cancer's symbol is the crab, so naturally crabmeat is the perfect protein for your perfect summer salad. Instead of making a melt or using bread, Alexander says, "Serve it on a halved avocado—the avocado's womblike shape symbolizes Cancer's connection with women and mothers." Although this isn't *technically* a salad, stuffed avocados pack plenty of heart-healthy fats and protein to keep you fuller longer (because Cancers would never want their loved ones to feel hungry!).


Best Caesar Salad with Crispy Parmesan

"Leos will appreciate the drama that goes into making a Caesar salad—traditionally, it's concocted at the customer's table (not in the kitchen) where the server's showmanship adds to the dining experience," she says. Today it's one of the most famous salads in the world, too, and there's no denying Leo's desire for recognition (and showing off a little, too).


tabbouleh salad

Virgo's symbol is a harvest maiden who is often depicted holding a sheaf of wheat. "The Middle Eastern salad Tabbouleh is a cool summer dish that's well-suited to health-conscious people born under this zodiac sign," Alexander says. It's made from cracked wheat, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and onion, with plenty of snipped fresh parsley and mint.


waldorf salad

"Astrologers say Venus, the planet that governs Libra, also rules apples. Therefore, the Waldorf salad is a good choice," she says. This combination of apples, celery, pecans and mayonnaise offers fruitiness, nuttiness and even creaminess in the bowl, so every bite is balanced (and we know you love that, Libra!).



"Fungi—including mushrooms, truffles and mold—fall into Pluto's domain. If you're a Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto, a Spinach & Warm Mushroom Salad is perfect," she says. Toss in some watercress (Scorpio is a water sign) and crumble a strong mold cheese, such as Gorgonzola, on top. If you like, you can also add some dark red grapes (a color associated with Scorpio), she says.



Recipe pictured above: Fresh Asparagus-Tomato Salad

Alexander says, "Asparagus and tomatoes are linked with this zodiac sign, so start with these veggies as your base." Plus, globe-trotting Sagittarians love to incorporate foods from all over the world into their recipes, so use your imagination. "Because Sagittarius is also the sign of the hunter/archer, you may want to add quail, duck, venison or another type of game to your salad to make it a main course rather than a side dish," she says.


pomegranate beet quinoa salad

"Astrologers associate beets and other root veggies with Capricorn, partly because they share this sign's hardiness and longevity, so blend chilled beets with hard-boiled eggs and slices of Mandarin oranges or tangerines to create a pretty beet salad," she says. Finish with crumbled goat cheese, since Capricorn's symbol is the goat, after all.


Fresh Fruit Salad

Go with a bright fruit salad instead of greens. Alexander says, "Aquarians are known for their tangy personalities, and they can sometimes be downright acidic in their forthrightness. But they're also refreshingly cool and colorful." If you were born under this sign, try a zingy citrus salad combining fruits in as many different shapes and hues as possible. Sprinkle with fresh mint or shaved coconut for additional flavor, she suggests.


grilled salmon salad

Astrologers connect the water sign Pisces with fish, as its symbol shows two fish tied together, but swimming in opposite directions. "Not surprisingly, fish salads of all kinds are ideal for people born under this sign. Grilled salmon, chilled and served over fresh greens, is a good choice for lunch or a light summer supper," she says. Or go with tuna as another great fish that's packed with protein and good fats.