Find out what your go-to scoop says about you.

Whether it's hot and sunny outside or freezing cold, I always have ice cream in my freezer. Ice cream is my go-to dessert when I'm craving something sweet. I love that I don't have to spend hours baking something, and the only thing I have to clean is a spoon (I'm an eat-straight-from-the-pint kind of person).

And now, according to a new poll from Breyers, the flavor of ice cream a person enjoys could reveal key personality traits and interests. To get their results, Breyers polled 2,000 adults in a six-day period in June. While there are endless ice cream flavors to choose from like Blueberry-Swirl Buttermilk or 2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Banana, Breyers only polled about strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, as they are the company's top-selling flavors. Read on to find out which personality traits and interests were associated with these classic Neapolitan flavors.

If You Love Chocolate Ice Cream

According to the poll, people who love chocolate ice cream are extroverted and like pop, rock and R&B music. Chocolate ice cream lovers also enjoy romantic comedies and, on average, find love at age 26. And in a game of truth or dare, they'd be more likely to pick truth.

If You Love Strawberry Ice Cream

People who love strawberry ice cream tend to prefer science fiction movies and like to listen to jazz music. On average, they find love the earliest at age 24. And when it comes to household tasks, strawberry-lovers like doing laundry.

If You Love Vanilla Ice Cream

People who love vanilla ice cream are introverted and considered night owls. They also prefer dogs and are more likely to pick dare in a game of truth or dare. Vanilla ice cream lovers also prefer washing dishes to doing laundry. And, on average, they find love at age 25.