Sip on a refreshing beverage while giving back to farmers.
Credit: Getty Images / SOPA Images / Contributor

Chipotle is known for their customizable menu, which makes it easy to order a healthy and filling meal. The company is constantly rolling out new menu items, like their most recent addition of cauliflower rice, and their latest drink offerings sound like the perfect way to cool off this summer.

According to a media release, Chipotle will sell five different beverages from Tractor Beverage Co., a company that makes certified organic, non-GMO products, starting on July 21. If you're dining in the restaurant or getting takeout, you can choose from drinks like lemonade, hibiscus lemonade, mandarin agua fresca or berry agua fresca. And if you're opting for delivery, you can choose from bottled lemonade or black tea, plus the four drinks available in-store.

These new beverages sound like the perfect side for any burrito bowl or quesadilla. And as an added bonus, 5% of profits from the sales of these beverages will go towards Chipotle's programs that help to protect the future of farming.

So the next time you're placing an order at Chipotle, consider trying one of these delicious beverages on the side. Not only will you have a fruity and refreshing drink to help you stay hydrated in the summer heat, but you'll also be giving back at the same time.