This CBD Bath Bomb Melted Away Tension and Helped Me Fall Asleep

Stressed out? This bath bomb could help.

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While CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from the hemp or marijuana plant, it doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of THC (read: it won’t get you high). While I’m definitely not against it, I’m also not an active CBD user. After trying nearly a dozen types in one sitting for work about a year ago, I felt a little sick, and CBD left a (literal) bad taste in my mouth. However, CBD products have come a long way during my short break from them. Now, instead of edible gummies or tinctures you drop in your mouth, there are other options for the cannabidiol-shy like me—including CBD bath bombs.

Taking a bath is my favorite way to unwind after a long day, so I was excited to try out Vital You’s CBD-infused bath bombs. I decided to try their Sleep bomb, which packs 100 mg of CBD and has a blend of essential oils, flowers and botanicals like California poppy, passionflower and skullcap (all known in traditional medicine for their calming effects). Each bath bomb is also topped with a special crystal (mine was a pretty, blue-green aquamarine).

It all sounded a little woo-woo to me, and I didn’t really have high hopes, but it turns out there’s some science to back up the sleep-inducing, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. So I dropped the bath bomb into some hot water and got to soaking. I sat in the tub for about 30 minutes and let the bath bomb do its thing. I didn’t feel immediate relief or a crazy sedative effect, but after my bath was done I felt noticeably more chill (kind of like the two-glasses-of-wine, nice-buzz feeling). My sore muscles from my workout that morning felt a little less tight, and I had an amazing night’s sleep.

I’m lucky that I don’t suffer from insomnia, but I could totally see how these bath bombs could help those who do. For starters, research has associated hot baths with getting a better night’s sleep and CBD has also been linked to reduced anxiety and improved sleep.

If you’re curious about trying out these bath bombs, you can buy them from Vital You ($16,, however it’s worth talking to your doctor first to learn about the potential side effects and/or interactions with any medications you’re taking. Happy soaking!

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