Put those empty wine bottles to good use.
Wine bottles as garden border
Credit: Alex Loh

Recently, I was on a walk around my neighborhood when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. One of my neighbors had planted empty wine bottles in their garden to create a border alongside their plants. I thought it was unusual, but continued on my walk until I came across a second garden with the same aesthetic.

It turns out that using wine bottles as a garden border is a popular way to recycle your empties. Not only does it create a unique visual look, but it's an easy way to save money on traditional garden border materials like stone pavers or wood. This two-step project is a quick way to use your wine bottles and add a pop of color to your garden.

How It Works

Rinse Out Your Bottle

Whenever I recycle something, I always give it a quick rinse to get out any food residue that might attract bugs. While your garden is sure to face unwanted critters, it's important to make sure that your bottle is empty and clean to avoid any extra attention from them (plus, you don't want to waste any wine!).

Plant the Bottle

Based on my neighbors' gardens, you'll want to plant the bottle upside down. They buried the entire neck of the wine bottle, which ensures that the bottle won't tip over and minimizes the gap between each one.

Depending on the size of your garden and the shape of the border you want to make, it may take a while to collect enough empty wine bottles. But hey, that just means you have another reason to open a bottle of wine tonight—and we'll certainly drink to that!