These plants will survive even the toughest conditions.
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Bloomscape Tough Stuff Collection
Credit: Bloomscape

Whenever I come across a gorgeous plant, I have to stop and take a picture. My camera roll is full of photos and one could say my virtual garden is thriving. I just wish I could say the same about my *actual* one. Despite many attempts, I always seemed to kill my plants—until I discovered this collection of low-maintenance houseplants curated for inept gardeners like myself: Bloomscape's "Tough Stuff" Collection.

This three-pot collection contains plants that easily adapt to any condition (buy it: Bloomscape, $65). It includes one Sansevieria plant, one ZZ plant and one Hoya variety, and you can choose from three different colored pots. These plants all have a difficulty rating of "no-fuss" and "carefree," which is perfect for those still developing their green thumb.

According to Bloomscape, the plants can adapt to any available light and require very little water. As a bonus, they also remove harmful toxins from the air (check out other air-purifying plants, here). Be careful, though, because the plants are not pet-friendly, so you'll want to keep them out of reach if your dog or cat likes to munch on your plant leaves. (P.S.-Check out these pet-friendly houseplants.)

The Bloomscape's "Tough Stuff" Collection is perfect for anyone with plant lady dreams like me (buy it: Bloomscape, $65). It's low-stress, and if you somehow manage to kill one of the plants in the first 30 days, Bloomscape will send you a free replacement (don't worry, we won't tell).