Make it easy to find the perfect seasoning for any meal.

Alex Loh
July 13, 2020
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The Home Edit's Lazy Susan
Credit: The Container Store

I was recently rooting around my pantry for a container of dried basil when I accidentally knocked a bottle of garlic powder off the shelf. Cleaning up broken shards of glass and tiny flecks of garlic powder from the floor was not easy (or fun), so I was determined to rearrange my spices to avoid a repeat incident. To help my kitchen organization project, I found the perfect tool: The Home Edit's Large Lazy Susan.

This oversized Lazy Susan is made from BPA-free plastic and is exactly what my pantry needs (buy it: The Container Store, $40). It has five separate sections, so I can organize my spices any way I want, like by flavor profile or frequency of use. And the rotating design of the 18-inch Lazy Susan will allow me to easily find the spices I need (read: no more garlic powder incidents).

While the large Lazy Susan is the perfect size for my pantry, The Home Edit also has smaller options like this 9-inch Lazy Susan (buy it: The Container Store, $16). Or if you're looking to organize bigger bottles like oils and sauces, the divided Lazy Susan has taller section walls so the bottles won't topple over when you rotate the organizer (buy it: The Container Store, $30).

I can't wait to add this Lazy Susan to my pantry and say goodbye to the clutter (buy it: The Container Store, $40). And once my spices are organized, it'll be much easier to grab spices for recipes like our Cinnamon-Toasted Oats or our Chickpea & Potato Curry.