This Water Bottle Will Keep You and Your Dog Hydrated While You Hike

When you drink water, your dog should drink water too.

Kurgo Gourd H2O Bottle and Bowl
Photo: Wayfair

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a hike with your favorite furry companion. As important as it is for you to stay hydrated while exercising, it's equally important for your dog to get enough H2O on hikes. According to REI, your dog will need more water while hiking than they typically consume, especially on hot days. To ensure you and your dog stay properly hydrated, we've found the perfect water bottle: Kurgo's Gourd H2O Bottle and Bowl.

This water bottle is designed for you and your dog to get enough fluids while hiking (buy it: Wayfair, $16). When your dog needs a drink, simply remove the bowl attached to the bottom of the bottle and pour in some water for your pup to enjoy. Since the dog bowl separates from the water bottle, you won't have to carry around multiple containers for you and your pup to stay hydrated.

The water bottle holds up to 24 ounces and is made from a BPA-free plastic. The bowl is flat-bottomed so it won't fall over on the ground, and it was designed with your dog's snout in mind for easier access.

When you get back from your hike, you can wash both the bottle and bowl in the dishwasher. The bottle also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is perfect for all of the hikes you and your dog will go on (buy it: Wayfair, $16).

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