Our stomachs are growling just thinking about the flavors ahead...
grilled portobello burgers

While *so much* has changed since last July, some things remain the same. We love to eat. (Although we're surely doing so differently amidst a pandemic, and might not be gathering for big potlucks or eating inside at restaurants quite as often—if at all.)

One thing that holds true from 2019 to 2020 is our love of supporting restaurants and our appreciation of the ability to outsource the cooking to the pros. Takeout and delivery night for the win!

And since so many of us rely on restaurants to stay well-fueled, we're able to dig into a lot of fascinating data about how America eats. In Grubhub's just-released, second-annual, 2020 "State of the Plate" report, we learn that vegan and vegetarian dishes are among the most popular, and plant-based orders have jumped by 135% year over year. (This aligns with what we're seeing at supermarkets, where faux meat burgers are flying off shelves.)

That's how we're eating now, but what about what's new and next? Grubhub analyzed recent trends and seasonal favorites to predict what might be hot come fall.

The 5 most popular dishes of fall 2020 might just be:

  1. Miso Tofu Bowls

  2. Quinoa Taco Salads

  3. Mushroom Burgers

  4. Cajun Wings

  5. Buffalo Chicken Empanadas

While they appear to be all across the board, we're noticing a few big trends.

  • The continued come-up of mostly-plant-based flexitarian eating.

  • Fusion cuisine that features flavors from two or more regions of the world (such as empanadas—with roots in Southern Europe, Latin America, Indonesia and the Philippines—filled with American pub fare).

  • Powerful flavors, including salty miso, spicy buffalo sauce and zesty Cajun spices.

If you're more in the mood to cook than order out—or would prefer not to wait until a local restaurant might offer these items on their fall menus—we've got you covered! Try these DIY dishes for dinner this week: