Help your kids and their friends stay safe and healthy.

Alex Loh
July 09, 2020
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Aeropostale face mask
Credit: Aeropostale

While coronavirus cases continue to rise, many schools are looking ahead to the fall and laying out plans to bring kids back to the classroom safely. For schools looking to resume in-person classes, the CDC recommends that students and teachers wear face masks throughout the day—especially since social distancing can be difficult in a classroom setting. We've rounded up eight brands with kid-friendly masks that are perfect for back to school.

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Aeropostale face mask
Credit: Aeropostale


These face masks are perfect for older kids and teenagers. Each pack comes with one solid color mask and one in a pattern, including floral, tie-dye and camouflage. The masks are made with a double layer of fabric, have adjustable ear loops and come in a darted design to ensure the mask fits snugly.

Buy them: Aeropostale, on sale for $7 for a pack of two

Amazon Neck gaiter
Credit: Amazon


If your kid loves to run around (or doesn’t like the feel of loops around their ears), a neck gaiter is a good substitute for a face mask. This neck gaiter is designed for the outdoors and includes a spot for a filter. Customers on Amazon recommend washing the gaiter before using to help soften the fabric.

Buy it: Amazon, $20 for a pack of two

Athleta face mask
Credit: Athleta


This face mask is designed for kids who like to stay active. The pack of three comes in two color options and includes two layers: one lightweight and breathable outer layer and a comfortable mesh inner layer. As a bonus, the pack also includes an elastic strap for additional support and to relieve pressure from the ears. 

Buy it: Athleta, $25 for a pack of three

Carter's face mask
Credit: Carter's


The CDC recommends that everyone ages 2 and up wear a face mask, and this adorable plaid mask is great for younger kids. Carter’s is encouraging kids to wear masks by helping them realize they can be a hero who cares for the health of their friends and family. This affordable mask is a great option and is made from cotton.

Buy it: Carter’s, $3

Cubcoats face mask
Credit: Cubcoats


If your kid loves animals, these fun masks are the perfect option. Each pack of two includes two different animals including a tiger, dog, bear and cat. The masks have elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose wire, so you can make sure they fit tightly. As a bonus, Cubcoats is donating 10% of mask proceeds to Feeding America.

Buy them: Cubcoats, $13 for a pack of two

Old Navy face masks
Credit: Old Navy

Old Navy

While you’re doing some back-to-school clothes shopping, add a pack of masks to your cart. These masks come in a wide range of colors so your kid will have the freedom to mix and match with their outfit. You can choose from packs like gradient rainbow, polka dot, great outdoors and pink lemonade.

Buy it: Old Navy, $12.50 for a pack of five

Vistaprint face mask
Credit: Vistaprint


If you’re looking for a variety of patterns to choose from, Vistaprint is a great option. Their masks range from solid colors like teal or red to designs like daisies, dinosaurs or outer space. Each mask comes with adjustable ear straps so you can ensure the mask fits properly on your kid’s face.

Buy it: Vistaprint, $13

Zappos face mask
Credit: Zappos


This face mask is designed to protect against airborne droplets, dust, pollen and bacteria. It also provides 25% more UV protection than regular fabric and is meant to prevent odors from forming. Zappos also has face masks for adults, so the whole family is covered.

Buy it: Zappos, $18.50 for a pack of three