Yes, you can eat your White Claw, too.
white claw
Credit: Getty / Christopher Lane / Stringer

Stick with us here: You can cook with White Claw, and it's actually really good. White Claw, or any hard seltzer, lightens batters, flavors meats and gussies up desserts. In fact, you can swap hard seltzer for water, beer, soda or even milk in many recipes. And why not? There is no law when it comes to the Claw.

Besides adding a hint of sweetness, seltzer's carbonated bubbles create air pockets that buoy baked goods and add fluff and crisp to batters and crusts. But let's not delve too deeply into the science on this one; we prefer to think of it as the magic of the Claw. Here are nine ways you can use seltzer's effervescence to amp up your next dinner or dessert. (And no judgment if you steal a few sips along the way.)

Savory Ways to Use White Claw in Food

Adding a few splashes of spiked soda water to your batter for tempura, chiles rellenos or fried chicken will keep your coating crisp and airy. The seltzer's bubbles expand when heated, counteracting the denseness of these typically heavier foods.

If you normally use beer for your pulled pork or carnitas, try it with White Claw and see if anyone notices the subtle flavor. Our bet is nobody will ask what's different; they'll just ask for seconds.

Last month, for one day only, fast-casual chain Blaze Pizza replaced water in its pizza dough with mango-flavored White Claw. If you make the swap in your own pizza dough, don't worry about the fruity flavor taking over—it's subtle enough that it shouldn't overpower the toppings—but it will give the crust a good bite.

Sweet Ways to Use White Claw in Food

Spike macerated strawberries with a can of hard seltzer for a barely boozy treat that's great on shortcake, atop pancakes or waffles or just eaten by the handful.

Like with the pizza dough, White Claw's fruity flavor won't dominate your cake so much as add moistness. Add the seltzer to a boxed cake mix instead of water for a springier cake with just a hint of Claw.

For fluffier pancakes—and who doesn't want fluffier pancakes?—try replacing some or all of the milk or buttermilk with spiked seltzer. White Claw: it's what's for breakfast.