Happy hour gets even happier when you can give back while chilling out.

While we continue to stay at home more and gather a little less, it is still summer. Which calls for some patio, deck or perhaps safely distant park picnic time. Once looked down upon like super-sweet white zinfandel or wine coolers (sorry, Mom, never going to let you live those down), canned wine is on the come up—new technology and innovative wine makers are not just releasing high-quality wines in aluminum cans. They also happen to be more eco-friendly and perfectly portioned for one; just two of many reasons why we're on a canned wine kick this season.

empathy wines no kid hungry
Credit: Empathy Wines

Empathy Wines is making us love this canned wine movement even more all summer long. Starting with an initial donation of $5,000, through September, they're also donating $10 from every case of their limited edition California Rosé and Bubbles ($75 for 12 250-milliliter cans, empathywines.com) to No Kid Hungry.

Prior to the pandemic, about 11 million children lived in food-insecure homes. Now, amidst new economic challenges and possible unemployment within families, Feeding America estimates that as many as 18 million children may go hungry this year.

The $10 from your case of canned wine—which is equivalent to 12 perfect-for-one-adult ⅓-bottle pours—can provide about 100 meals to children in need, according to No Kid Hungry data about donation usage.

Oh yes, and that donation will score you sustainably grown grapes that are made into a light, summery, effervescent rosé. It's not too sweet and offers hints of fresh strawberry, raspberry and watermelon flavors.

While you're stocking up for future sip sessions, Empathy also offers a "Mixed Pack" that's ideal if you're feeling empathetic to those who don't prefer the same varietal as you. For $20 per bottle, your Mixed Pack includes one 750-milliliter standard-sized bottle each of white, rosé and red wine.