These cloths will replace your paper towels and your sponges.
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Food52 Compostable Sponge Cloths
Credit: Food52

We are big fans of cleaning here at EatingWell. Whether it's learning the best way to clean ovens, refrigerators or your microwave, it's important to keep your home in tip-top condition. And now, we've found the best material to help our cleaning: Food52's Compostable Sponge Cloths.

These sponge cloths are a cross between paper towels and sponges and can be used in your kitchen and bathroom (buy them: Food52, $29 for a set of 10). Inspired by traditional Swedish dish cloths, these cloths are made from plant fibers and can clean multiple surfaces like counters, dishes, tubs and mirrors without fear of leaving streaks behind. You can also use the cloths to wipe up any spills as they're designed to hold up to 16 times their weight in water.

Each pack of 10 comes with five different colors, two in each design (buy them: Food52, $29). And after you've used the cloth, you simply place it in the dishwasher, washing machine or microwave to disinfect it (if you clean it in the microwave, make sure it's wet first!).

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning material, these cloths are a great option. When the cloth has reached its last legs (up to 300 uses later), instead of throwing it in the trash, you can compost it. So the next time you need to clean the surfaces in your house, reach for one of these sponge cloths to get the job done (buy them: Food52, $29).