This meal prep container has over 5,000 reviews on—and for good reason. Here's exactly why it's our meal plan editor's favorite.
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prep naturals meal prep container

Meal prep has become an increasingly popular way to get ahead of the busy week and make it easier to eat healthy. No matter how little or how much you do, it seriously helps to cut down on stress and always results in a something delicious. As the meal plan editor at, I can attest to the power of meal prep! Whether you're a meal-prep pro or are just getting started, the one thing all meal-preppers need in their kitchen are these Prep Naturals Glass Meal-Prep Containers (Buy it!, $26 for 5-pack)—which just happen to be my absolute favorite. Here's why I love them as much as I do.

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers
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1. The tight-locking lid never leaks & keeps food fresher for longer

It takes a surprising amount of effort to actually close the lid, which is the first sign that these meal-prep containers are seriously leak-proof. You can tote your meal-prepped item all over without worrying about a mess to clean up once you reach your destination.

Plus, that air-tight seal means foods stay fresher for longer. Whether you're meal prepping a week of lunches in advance or prepping individual ingredients, like chopping up veggies for a dinner later in the week, you can trust your food won't go bad. I also love storing fresh herbs in this container—it seems like the only way to get them to last long enough to use them all!

2. They're made out of glass and BPA-free plastic

Unlike flimsy plastic containers that warp, leak or crack, these Prep Natural meal-prep containers are made out of thick glass and the lids are a sturdy BPA-free plastic, which also means no dangerous chemical will be leaking into your food.

You'll get so many more uses out of these containers before they even show signs of damage and are well worth the $26 you'll spend for a set of 5.

3. They're stackable, which makes for a more organized cupboard

If you're like me, your meal-prep cupboard or drawer is overflowing with containers and lids. I'm constantly re-organizing the space to make everything fit efficiently and these containers make it easy. They're all uniform in size and easily stack on top of one another, which helps keep my cupboard (and refrigerator) nice and organized. Now, I only ever buy stackable or "nesting" food storage containers for this exact reason.

Greek Meatball Mezze Bowls

Pictured Recipe: Greek Meatball Mezze Bowls (Watch me make this recipe here!)

4. They're microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe

Who wants to dirty another dish to reheat something that's all nicely meal-prepped in containers? Not me, which is why I love that these Prep Naturals containers can be microwaved (and are even oven-proof—except the lid). There's a nifty little venting mechanism on top of the lid you can open when heating, which means the lid can stay on without exploding and getting food everywhere.

It's also freezer safe, so you can meal prep way in advance and simply freeze your food till a later date. And it's dishwasher safe, which is also a requirement for me when purchasing food storage containers.

5. They make portion control easy

It's easy to want to fill your bowl, plate or meal-prep container to the brim—it makes the meal look more satisfying—but if you're using a larger-than-necessary container, that means you may waste some, eat past fullness and will likely feel sluggish after your meal rather than energized. These containers are a uniform size and not too big or too small, so you're more likely to dish out a healthy and balanced meal. Our healthy meal-prep recipes fit perfectly in these containers every time!

Buy it! Prep Naturals Glass Meal-Prep Containers,, $26 for 5-pack

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