These $13 planters come in adorable dog, cat, panda and frog versions.
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Right now, I think we could all use a little more joy in our lives. While I’m usually all about ~*tasteful*~ and ~*mature*~ home decor, I recently stumbled across something silly that made me smile and I just had to buy it. These adorable self-watering animal planters have long tongues to soak up water for your plant—and they’re only about $13 each on Amazon.

These planters come in four versions: Dog, Cat, Panda and Frog. Each one includes mint, clover or grass seeds for a plant, which germinate in 7-12 days, plus soil, a straw and a dish for the animal to “drink” from.

Self-Watering Animal Planter
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To grow your plants, simply add water to the compressed soil, place the soil in your pot, put the seeds in the soil and add water to your dish. Your animal planter will then “drink up” the water with its tongue so you don’t ever have to worry about under- or over-watering it (just add water to your dish whenever it runs low).

These cheeky little planters are so fun for kids or for anyone who needs a little joy in their life. They’re only about 3 inches tall and wide, so they’re small enough to fit on a narrow windowsill. No matter where you put it—or which adorable animal you choose—you’re sure to smile every time you see it!

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