You don't need a green thumb to grow these herbs.
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Food52 Garden Jar Herb Kit
Credit: Food52

Despite many attempts, I have never been able to keep a plant alive. I've always over- or under-watered my plants or forget about them when I go on vacation. I had just about given up on my plant lady dreams when I discovered a foolproof plant: Food52's Garden Jar Herb Kit.

The Garden Jar Herb Kit is perfect for garden novices like me (buy it: Food52, $20). The jar is rigged with a hydroponic system, which means it waters itself, so you don't have to worry about taking care of it. All you have to do is build the system (don't worry it comes with step-by-step instructions), place the jar in a sunny spot and watch your fresh herbs grow!

You can choose from six herbs including basil, parsley, oregano, cilantro, mint and sage (buy them: Food52, $20). And if you want to grow a whole garden, you can choose a pack of five, which includes all of the herbs except sage (buy it: Food 52, $100).

Not only would these colorful herb jars brighten up any window sill, but you also get fresh herbs that you can use in recipes like our Roast Salmon with Chimichurri Sauce or our One-Pot Tomato Basil Pasta. Once you have your fresh herbs, you can also learn the best way to preserve them so you can enjoy them all year long.