All you need is a mango, a knife and a pint glass.
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cut mango
Credit: Alex Loh

One of my favorite breakfast combinations is vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit. Depending on the season, I like to play around with flavor combos like our Raspberry Yogurt Cereal Bowl or Rainbow Yogurt Bowl. And my go-to fruit to add during the summer is mango.

Mangoes add a natural sweetness to my breakfast and also have great potential health benefits like boosting the immune system and improving skin. But the one downside to eating mangoes on a regular basis is having to peel them! I used to peel mangoes with a paring knife, but I would always cut too much of the flesh off or the mango would slip through my fingers.

Luckily, several years ago I came across this simple two-step hack. It's now my go-to method for peeling mangoes. All you need is a mango, a knife and a pint glass. (And if you need a pint glass, we like these dishwasher-safe ones from Cost Plus World Market, $8 for a set of 4).

How It Works

Step 1

cut mango
Credit: Alex Loh

To start, cut off the two halves of the mango on either side of the pit.

Step 2

Next, grab a pint glass and place one end of the mango half on the rim before pushing down. The rim of the glass will separate the mango flesh from the skin and voilà!

Not only is this hack super simple, but any run-off juice will funnel into the glass instead of spilling on your counter. I love this hack because it uses tools already in my kitchen and I don't have to worry about wasting any of the delicious fruit. To see it in action, check out this step-by-step video from our sister site Food & Wine.

So the next time you want to cook with or eat mangoes, like in our Mango-Ginger BBQ Chicken or Peach-Mango Salsa, test out this fast trick. And if you're looking for other fun kitchen tips, get our hack for freezing bananas or learn how to juice citrus fruit.