We're *nuts* about the short ingredient list, too.
trader joes dairy free cold brew latte
Credit: Instagram / @traderjoeslist

Love creamy coffee drinks, but not all the additives, sugar and dairy that come with them? 

Trader Joe’s is back to save the day, once again, with their newest bottled java that was just spotted by @traderjoeslist. One look at the bottle has us already convinced us to take a break from the coffee drive-thru (to save money and sugar) and our whipped coffee obsession (to save time).

The vegan, nut milk-based cold brew beverage is made with 100% arabica coffee beans and contains one of the simplest latte ingredient lists we’ve seen in a long time: almonds, cold brew concentrate, macadamia nuts, cold-pressed sugar cane stalk juice and water. Pack that all in a 12-ounce bottle and you have a delicious dairy-free pick-me-up that’s ready to grab and go. Or, you know, pour into a cup with ice and enjoy as you lounge around during a leisurely morning.

Its $2.99 price point is pretty equivalent to what a tall latte at Starbucks might cost, but it trumps that to-go coffee shop drink in a few nutrition categories—most notably, protein. Thanks to the two types of nut milk added to the coffee drink, each 190-calorie bottle sneaks in a surprising 7 grams of the muscle-building macro. That’s more than one medium egg, or about what you might score from a half-cup of beans.

Each 12-ounce serving also provides 2 grams of fiber and a reasonable 7 grams of sugar, so this is one easy-to-sip caffeine boost that won’t lead to a major blood sugar roller coaster. Its 14 grams of fat (11 of these are unsaturated) might help your breakfast pairing of, say, oatmeal or avocado toast, have even more staying power so you’ll feel well-fueled ‘til lunch.