Turn regular water into a fruity summer drink.
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Anthropologie water bottle
Credit: Anthropologie

Staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial for your health. When you don't drink enough water, it can lead to low energy or cause you to overeat. Thankfully, there are several ways to stay hydrated, like eating hydrating foods and setting a timer for regular water breaks. Additionally, I like to keep a water bottle by my side so I can drink plenty of H2O throughout the day.

If you struggle to drink enough water, one simple solution is to make your water taste better! And that is easily achieved with Anthropologie's Fruity Infuser Water Bottle, which is on sale now as part of their summer tag sale (buy it: Anthropologie, $20 on sale from $32). This cute and colorful water bottle comes with a removable cylinder that can be filled with fruit or herbs to infuse your water with fresh flavors.

Fruity Infuser Water Bottle
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The glass bottle can hold 17 ounces of water, which is a great start to meeting the recommended daily amount of 91 ounces. If the fruity design isn't your thing, the water bottle also comes in a gorgeous floral pattern or a botanical pattern with a motivating slogan (buy them: Anthropologie, on sale for $20).

You can easily stay hydrated with this water bottle, and it'll make drinking water delicious. If you need flavor inspiration, try our recipes for Strawberry, Basil & Lime Infused Water or Lemon, Cucumber & Mint Infused Water. Happy hydrating!