Aldi's New Cold Brew Coffee Is Our Go-to Drink This Summer

It works out to cost just $.50 per glass!

aldi cold brew concentrate
Photo: Instagram / @aldifavoritefinds

Since the coffee shop chain has officially reopened after being closed for a bit during the coronavirus pandemic, Starbucks seems to really be buzzing. Nearly every time I drive past a Starbucks in Des Moines, Iowa (where I live), there is a line of cars looping around the building.

Our love of caffeine runs deep at EatingWell, too, but we're not so into the idea of dedicating extra gas—and money—to make this a daily habit. When we're feeling ambitious (and TBH, have the foresight to plan ahead), we make Cold Brew Coffee from scratch using this handy tool. But that's not always in the cards, so this new Aldi find spotted by @aldifavoritefinds has *made* our morning—and will continue to do so for days on end.

For the uninitiated, the coffee in cold brew never comes in contact with hot water. To make it, coarse grounds are steeped in cold water. After 12 to 24 hours, it yields a concentrate that's smoother and less bitter than traditional iced coffee. You can then mix with water or milk to make a cup at your desired strength.

Available in Original, French Roast and Toasted Coconut, this new Aldi concentrate runs $7.99 per 32-ounce bottle. It yields 16, 6-ounce cups, working out to just $.50 each. Enjoy a double, the equivalent of a Starbucks Tall, for just $1. (This generally runs about $2.95 to $3.25 at the coffee shop, depending on where you live.) Make this switch for one daily for 6 months, and you'll save more than $350!

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