Turn those accidental wine stains into a fashionable tie-dye look.
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TikTok wine tie dye
Credit: TikTok / @haleyorona7

It seems like TikTok is the place to learn about new food trends. Whether it's discovering the best way to fill your ice cube tray or learning how to make carrots crisp like bacon, I'm constantly amazed by the tips and tricks on the video app. And the latest trick I discovered is absolutely perfect for wine lovers.

TikTok user @haleyorona7 shared a video showing viewers how she tie-dyed her sweater with red wine. First, she bunched up the sweater and tied it off in random sections with rubber bands. Then, she placed the sweater in a tin-foil lined baking dish and sprinkled it with the wine (after saving a little to enjoy herself).

After letting the wine-stained sweater soak for four hours, she baked it in the oven at 170 degrees for half an hour to an hour (she said baking time depends on the size of your sweater). The four-step process looked super easy to recreate at home and worked like a charm.

This fun project would be the perfect way to take a wine-stained shirt or sweater and turn it into a positive. But if you'd rather save your wine for drinking (and I totally understand if you do), you can buy a tie-dye sweater instead like this blush pullover from Nordstrom or this multi-colored option from Madewell (buy them: Nordstrom for $45, Madewell for $98). Either way, you'll have a comfy sweater and a bottle of wine, and that sounds like the perfect combination to me!