This Is the Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Your next glass of vino could be written in the stars.

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There's nothing wrong with having a variety of delicious wines on hand for when you're craving a glass after a long day (in fact, drinking wine has some pretty impressive health benefits). But there might actually be a fun, new wine to explore, based on your zodiac sign (yep, seriously!).

We tapped Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of Magickal Astrology, to find out the best wine to drink for your zodiac sign. Give these grapes a try—you might just find your new favorite wine!

Aries: Young Tempranillo

As its name says, young tempranillo hasn't aged very long or softened in oak barrels, so it has a dry, spicy flavor. "Like Aries people, this light, Spanish red wine is straightforward, tart and lacks complexity," Alexander says. Enjoy with Spanish spicy potatoes or some manchego cheese.

Taurus: Syrah or Shiraz

What's the difference between syrah and shiraz? "Syrah is the French word for this varietal, but the Australians call it shiraz. This rich red wine is full-bodied, hardy and earthy, which are characteristics astrologers associate with the zodiac sign Taurus," she explains. So, enjoy with deeper foods too, like steak and dark chocolate cake.

Gemini: Pinot Grigio

This popular Italian white wine is refreshingly light and uncomplicated, like Gemini's nature. "And, like this zodiac sign, it lacks staying power, so enjoy it while it's young instead of stashing it in the cellar thinking it will get better with age," she says. "You don't have to drink pinot grigio with a meal—it's ideal to share chilled with friends on a warm afternoon in early June," she adds.

Cancer: Moscato

This fruity, white Italian wine is often sipped on with dessert, but it also pairs nicely with shellfish, so try it with shrimp or oysters this summer. Alexander says, "The most popular type of moscato is sweet, delicate and soft, sometimes with just a bit of fizz—like Cancer people. And it's delightful to sip on the porch or beside the pool on a hot, July day."

Leo: Amarone

Rich, colorful and dramatic, this robust Italian red wine is full of character, just like Leo people. Alexander says, "To truly appreciate amarone's powerful flavor, you need to drink it with a hearty meal. The best amarones—like the best rulers—take time to develop and mature."

Amarone is actually a blend of regional grapes, with corvino, aka "the queen," as the key ingredient, so it has some great complexity that makes it a fun unique sip. (And we know you love that shoutout to your regal nature, Leo!)

Virgo: Pinot Noir

In the movie Sideways, the protagonist, Miles Raymond, describes pinot noir as "thin-skinned and temperamental. It's not a survivor like cabernet that can grow anywhere and thrive even when neglected," she says. "He could be talking about Virgos, who tend to be shy, sensitive and easily hurt, who need kindness and attention in order to reach their full potential," she explains.

It's a lighter red that is wonderful to taste and not as in-your-face as a bolder cab. Try pairing it with a nutritious salmon dish (because we know you're all about keeping up healthy routines, Virgo!)

Libra: Chardonnay

Like Libras, smooth, elegant chardonnay is a classic. Most white wine drinkers like it and it pairs nicely with a wide variety of foods, too, like seafood, salads and even meats. "Its adaptable nature enables winemakers to tweak the flavor, by aging it in oak barrels, for example—just as Libra people can be easily influenced by others," she says. The grape prefers to grow in cool, balanced temperatures, like the weather in October.

Scorpio: Zinfandel

Scorpios are known for being extremists, and zinfandel has the highest alcohol content of non-fortified wines (up to 17 percent), so hello, there. Alexander says, "Red zin's dry, bold, intense flavor also echoes the acerbic and forceful Scorpio personality—there's nothing wimpy about this wine or these people." Pair with other strong-tasting foods, like sharp cheese or a tasty burger packed with flavor.

Sagittarius: Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais nouveau is released on the third Thursday of November, just as the sun moves into the zodiac sign Sagittarius. "This light, red wine is meant to be drunk while it's young­­—only a few weeks after the grapes are picked—to celebrate the harvest in a festive way, traditionally in France with music, dancing and fireworks," Alexander says. This is fitting for you, Sagittarius, since you're known for being the life of the party.

Capricorn: Cabernet Sauvignon

Alexander says, "Hardy cabernet sauvignon grapes have thick, resistant skins—like Capricorns—that enable them to thrive in a range of locales. And, like Capricorn people, the wine takes a while to mature—cabs usually spend a couple years in oak barrels before bottling." They also last a long time, unlike some of the lighter and more fragile red wines, and get better with age, as do many Capricorns. So, perks to that!

Aquarius: Sauvignon Blanc

"Crisp and dry, sauvignon blanc has a citrusy flavor that's assertive, acidic and even sharp, the way Aquarians can be sometimes," she says. This white wine's name comes from the French word sauvage meaning "wild," and astrologers consider spirited Aquarians to be the rebellious, irrepressible members of the zodiac. So, it's a great fit! Pair with a quirky food, like jackfruit.

Pisces: Sweet Riesling

"Originally from the Rhine region, this lovely white wine exhibits the characteristics astrologers associate with Pisces people. It's sweet, delicate, flowery and easy to like," she says. Most white wines are meant to be savored young, but riesling can improve with age, too, much like Pisceans who, when young may seem flaky, she explains, but mature into wise, intuitive souls.

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