This Aromatherapy Mist Turns Your Shower Into a Spa

Spray your way serene.

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Self-care can take many forms. From using an anxiety-easing app to meditating with sleepy sheep to spreading on a hydrating face mask, there's no one right answer for how to squelch stress. What's most important is figuring out what works best to cool your jets. After all, you can't spell "self-care" without "self."

One thing that I've been loving lately is using botanicals and essential oils to infuse my home with calming aromas. The nose knows! Science backs this up: Regular exposure to a pleasant odor actually lowers stress and can improve your mood, according to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

Certain scents, in particular, can decrease those down-in-the-dumps feelings. (Your romantic partner's T-shirt and the smell of baking bread are two of many research-backed aromatherapy examples.)

Which brings us to the aroma of our latest self-care obsession, Lavender-Infused Pure Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist ($17.98, Scientists have found that lavender can calm anxiety and help you sleep more soundly, and eucalyptus is known to help you breathe easier and may simmer down seasonal allergies.

So with those two teaming up, plus the steamy shower, this mist allows me to stack on the self care—no spa required. Not only do I get to soothe my achy strength-trained muscles in a warm shower, but once I add a few sprays of this oil to the steamy stall, I also score a serenity-boosting scent experience that practically rocks me right into bed.

EuroSpa Aromatics Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist and Steam Room Spray


Since the world is constantly changing and unpredictable, I'm going to continue spraying away while layering on even more #treatyoself strategies by signing on for the 30-day self care challenge. Who's with me?

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