This Is the One Tool You're Missing to Take Care of Your Plants

This simple fix will make your plants happier and healthier all year long.

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I will be the first to admit it: I am a plant lady. They line the walls and windowsills of my tiny studio apartment, as equal parts decor and hobby. Some are there to purify the air, or to help me sleep, but most are just pretty and liven up the space.

During the dry months of the year, I noticed some of my plants were looking a little sad and lackluster. Specific plants, like ferns, fiddle leaf figs and philodendrons, love the humidity. After scouring the internet and consulting some of my other plant-loving friends, I decided I needed a spray bottle to mist my plants back to life. Enter the Rayson Empty Spray Bottle (Buy it: $6.99,

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Rayson Empty Spray Bottle

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This cute, aqua spray bottle is the perfect size for a windowsill or a small cabinet. It's even marked down right now, so act fast! To give your plants a little TLC, spritz them with cool water using the Rayson Empty Spray Bottle until they're fully covered. Be sure to get the undersides of the leaves as well. Over time, your plants will be bursting with life as if they were in the rainforest. Just don't try this hack with plants that love dry soil and direct sun, like cacti or succulents.

Spray your humidity-loving plants once a day for best results. Plus, who doesn't love another reason to spend some quality time with your rooted roommates? For more growing tips, check out how to Plant Your Plate.

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