A steady cooking surface will ensure you don't lose any food to the flames.
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target grill
Credit: Amazon

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor cooking. Whether you're cooking over a campfire in the woods or over a fire pit in your backyard, open-flame cooking is a fun summertime activity. But one issue that often arises with open-flame grilling is uneven cooking, since it can be difficult to create a level surface for your pan.

Luckily, we've found the perfect solution to make open-flame cooking way easier. With this camping grill from Target, you can create a stable surface for your pots and pans (Target, $30). The grill has two legs, which can be adjusted to two different heights, depending on the size of your fire. The 13-inch round flat top of the grill is then a perfect cooking surface for skillet-based recipes like our Pan-Roasted Campfire Veggies or Fireside Fajitas. (And if you're looking for a heat-resistant skillet, we like this 12-inch cast iron one from Target, $23).

When you're done cooking, the grill folds up, which makes transporting and storing it a breeze. While this grill is perfect for round skillets, there's also a rectangular camping grill (Target, $51). This wider grill would be great for recipes like our Grilled Salmon with Sweet Peppers or Tomahawk Cowboy Steak.

Cooking over an open flame imparts a delicious smoky flavor to any dish. This foldable grill from Target makes outdoor cooking easy and it'll quickly become your new go-to activity. If you're looking for recipe inspiration, check out our favorite camping recipes.