This Couple Loves Aldi So Much, They Had an Engagement Photoshoot at the Store

"We always joke that we never thought it'd be so cool to love a grocery store."

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Photo: Kristie Lea Photography

If you've been reading EatingWell for a bit, you know we like—okay love—Aldi. From its wildly affordable houseplants and kitchen tools to their beloved budget-friendly wines and pantry staples, it's one of our editors' most-shopped stores. But our love for Aldi pales in comparison to the level of devotion Patrick Murphy and Dawn Glass have for the brand.

aldi engagement photos
Kristie Lea Photography

The Virginia couple, who consider themselves "Aldi nerds" got engaged just outside of their local supermarket. The surprise and joy in Dawn's face is captured beautifully in the unconventional engagement photoshoot by Kristie Lea Photography. Turns out, Aldi was in on the surprise and surprised the duo with some perfectly timed sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion.

The couple said, “Aldi holds a place in our hearts because it has allowed us to save money on groceries that we can then spend on fun things or savings, and now, for our wedding. We always joke that we never thought it’d be so cool to love a grocery store.”

Kristie Lea Photography

Surprisingly, this isn't the first Aldi engagement moment. Alabama couple Nathan Pearman and Hannah Schneider contacted the market's headquarters to ask if they could send a congratulatory tweet on their wedding day. Instead of waiting until then, Aldi helped them organize a shoot at their nearest store, according to

Kristie Lea Photography

Other couples have memorialized their sweeties while shopping at H-E-B, Publix, Costco and Target.

Which makes us wonder: Are store weddings on the horizon? It sure would give new meaning to "walking down the aisle"...

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