You have to try this *cool* tip. Summer cocktails and mocktails await!
ice cube tray
Credit: Getty / john shepherd

Splish splash, I was taking a bath…feel like that classic '50s song hits a bit too close to home when you're filling your old-school ice cube tray?

You have millions of other people who have been here, felt that. Viewed more than 4.4 million times since TikTok user @4jmjcbitxh posted this how-to video less than one month ago, our minds were blown when we realized that those divots in between each four-cube mold section have a very distinct purpose.

Instead of moving the tray from side to side to fill up each well separately—and spraying water all around your sink and perhaps into your face if the water pressure is strong enough—let the H2O flow onto one of the flat areas of the tray. This way, the water runs smoothly and just about equally into the four molds surrounding it. Once those are nearly topped off, move onto the next quadrant until the entire tray is ready to chill.

(You can also try our team's previous go-to, splash-less method of holding the tray at a slight angle with the portion closest to the faucet higher than the portion furthest. That way you can aim the faucet, dispensing water at low pressure, near the top and the water trickles down evenly to fill each well.)

Even if you have an automatic ice maker, you may want to stock up on more ice cube trays to use for freezing milk, pesto, broths or sauces to use in small potions later, or to make DIY flavored ice cubes. Or, you know, to wow your friends with your new tray-filling tactics....