José Andrés Will Set Up Food and Water Stations for Those Waiting in Long Lines on Election Day

This latest pledge is just another charitable act from the chef and restaurateur.

Over the past few months, chef and restaurateur José Andrés has worked tirelessly to give back to his community. When the novel coronavirus began impacting Americans in March, the chef's non-profit, World Central Kitchen, pivoted its mission to provide meals for communities in need. World Central Kitchen has helped keep restaurants open and donated meals across 155 cities. And now, Andrés has turned his charitable sights to another cause: voting.

Jose Andres
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Many states delayed their spring primaries as a result of shelter-in-place orders and are now beginning to hold election days. This week's primary in Georgia saw crazy-long lines and wait times for people hoping to cast their vote. Well, Andrés saw a video of these lines and decided to take action.

While he can't change the wait times voters face, Andrés recently tweeted that he will "set up a water, food and restrooms [sic] support system to help people standing long hours on [sic] a line." Although he doesn't specify which states will receive these support systems, he does tag social change organization Emerson Collective in his tweet. According to their website, the Emerson Collective works to "create the greatest good for the greatest number of people" through philanthropy, impact investing and policy solutions.

Although the chef's plan is still in an early stage, given his dedication to giving back throughout the years, we know he will continue to spread joy and hope to those who need it. Andrés is a clear inspiration and we could all stand to follow from his charitable ways. Sign up to volunteer or donate to World Central Kitchen here.

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