Costco's New Breakfast Sandwich Is a Low-Carb Eater's Dream

The "buns" are made from eggs, and each sandwich has 17 grams of protein!

All things in moderation, including moderation. So here at EatingWell, we're not about drastically cutting carbs or going keto. But we are about balancing our overall intake and leaning into whole foods (peppered with occasional splurges). So while packages touting "keto-friendly!" normally don't have huge appeal here, they sure are handy for those who follow the high-fat, extremely low-carb plan.

red's costco low-carb breakfast sandwich
Instagram / @costco_doesitagain

And we were surprised and delighted to see one of the newest keto-friendly food finds at Costco actually has enviable nutrition and ingredients that we'd be A-OK with eating on the daily—no special diet plan required.

Spotted by @costco_doesitagain at their local Costco drew 100 excited comments, from "OMG I WANT" to "I'm not even keto but I want these." (Same.)

Find 8-pack boxes of Red's Keto-friendly Turkey Sausage Egg' Wich in the Costco freezer aisle for $12.99, or $1.62 each (or search for them near you using the Red's product locator). Compare that to a McDonald's Sausage Biscuit with Egg, and you'll save at least a $1 per breakfast sammie—plus quite a few carbs and calories.

The Costco kind includes a slice of cheese and 2 more grams of protein, based on that sneak peek, but we guess its overall nutrition is fairly similar to the cheese slice-free version Red's shares details about online. That version, with cheese baked into the "bun," is made with a fairly short and understandable ingredient list: antibiotic-free turkey sausage and cage-free eggs mixed with milk, cheese and some seasonings.

To prep one, place an unwrapped Egg 'Wich on a plate, microwave for 60 seconds. Flip and microwave for about 60 to 90 seconds more, and breakfast is all set. So for busy mornings when you're not in the mood to cook, we recommend alternating between these low-carb 'wiches, overnight oats and a Greek yogurt fruit smoothie for a well-balanced morning menu.

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