No matter which brewing method you use, you need a great coffee grinder.
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I used to work in the coffee industry, and if there’s one piece of expert advice I could give you it’d be this: Always buy whole-bean coffee and grind it in a burr grinder. A burr grinder (like this one from OXO, $99.99) will ensure the perfect-size grind for whichever brewing method you’re using (unless of course you have a single-cup brewer, like a K-cup or Nespresso machine). 

Different coffee brewers require different-sized grinds. For example, espresso requires a super-fine grind, a drip brewer uses a medium-sized grind and a French press uses coarsely ground coffee. Typically, the longer the water “touches” your coffee during the brewing process, the coarser the grind should be. 

But you shouldn’t just throw your coffee beans in a blender or spice grinder (seriously, please, don’t. The blades aren’t equipped to uniformly grind your beans). Do yourself (and your cup of coffee) a favor and buy this OXO burr grinder—it has 15 grind size settings, from fine to coarse, to ensure your grounds are all uniform in size. 

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Uniformly sized grounds allow your coffee brewer to extract the best flavor from every bean (a too-fine grind can lend to over-extracted, bitter coffee and too-large coffee grinds can make it taste weak). Not to mention, grinding your coffee right before brewing gives that delicious coffee shop aroma and super-fresh taste. Just make sure you’re storing whole beans out of sunlight in an airtight container (like this one from OXO, $20.99) for the best taste. Happy grinding!

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