Aldi's "Pearsecco" Is the Canned Cocktail We Never Knew We Needed

It's like a mashup of cider and wine, and we need it ASAP.

aldi wicked grove pearsecco
Photo: Aldi

Move over, White Claw and Jack Daniel’s, there’s a new canned cocktail in town: Aldi’s Wicked Grove “Pearsecco.” It’s a pear-flavored, dry, bubbly cider that’s “inspired by crisp and light sparkling wines,” according to the label. It comes in six, 12-ounce cans for just $6.99 and has 5% ABV per can (about the same as a regular beer).

Pearsecco sounds like the perfect mashup between cider and wine, and we can’t wait to drink this refreshing beverage all summer long. Even though most of us aren’t traveling to the beach or having massive pool parties, we could still see ourselves cracking one of these open while grilling out in the backyard or treating ourselves after a long day of yard work. Not to mention, we think a can of pearsecco would be perfect paired with a fruit and cheese board or big summer salad.

Wicked Grove's "Pearsecco" is made from hard cider, pear juice concentrate, citric acid (a preservative) and natural flavor. Each 12-ounce can has 160 calories, 9 grams of carbs, 5 grams of sugar (3 grams of which are added) and 6% of your daily potassium recommendation.

Six packs of Wicked Grove’s “Pearsecco” hit Aldi shelves on 6/17, so mark your calendars and check your nearest Aldi store for availability (we have a feeling they won’t last long!).

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