Get back to healthy with us this month.
30-Day Back to Healthy Challenge

We all could use a healthy resest. Now is the perfect time to get back to choices that help you feel your best. Our simple, straightforward tips and tricks will help you get back on track without feeling overwhelming. Get simple, healthy recipes along with tips to move more and take care of yourself. Join our 30-Day Back to Healthy Challenge this month.

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30 Days of Recipes to Get You Back to Healthy

Getting Started

woman drinking a glass of water in a kitchen

5 Little Changes to Help You Lose Weight

If you're looking for small things to help keep you healthy while staying at home and social distancing, here are some science-backed ideas.

Grilled Chicken with Red Pepper-Pecan Romesco Sauce

Post-Quarantine Meal Plan to Get Back to Healthy Habits & Lose Weight

In this healthy meal plan, we help you get back into the swing of things by mapping out a week of delicious meals and snacks that will help you lose weight and refocus on your health.

Set Yourself Up for Success

nice organized clean kitchen

5 Expert Tips for a More Organized Kitchen in Minutes

Chelsea Thomas of NEAT Method shares her favorite tips for creating an Instagram-worthy kitchen.


5 Easy Ways to Eat More Fiber

Try these simple tips for getting more fiber to help prevent diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

A bag of vegetables on wooden background
Credit: Xsandra/Getty

How to Store Produce So It Lasts—5 Test Kitchen Tips to Save Your Fruits and Vegetables

Keep your onions and potatoes away from each other and more hot tips for preserving herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Thrifty - open pantry with many healthy food items

These Are The Top 10 Shelf-Stable Foods This Dietitian Always Has On Hand

See the foods that this dietitian keeps on reserve for easy meals that are super nutritious without breaking the bank.

Get Moving

woman reaching to the ground to touch her toes

The 6 Best at-Home Exercises, According to a Personal Trainer

We spoke with Julie Jones, C.P.T., wellness expert and personal trainer, about the best bodyweight exercises you can do at home.

Woman preparing to exercise at home
Credit: Getty / Anon Krudsumlit / EyeEm

5 Exercises You Can Do at Home to Reduce Inflammation

Studies show that exercise is a key ingredient to reducing inflammation. Here we look at which forms of exercise are best.

Healthy How-To's

Grilled Summer Vegetables with Shallot-Herb Vinaigrette

5 Tips for How to Cook Grilled Vegetables Perfectly

Grilling vegetables is an easy way to add amazing flavor to the humble plants. Use these tips to cook delicious grilled vegetables.

hand cleaning BBQ grill
Credit: Getty

How to Clean a Grill Properly, According to Our Test Kitchen

Prevent flare-ups and keep grill debris off your food for safe and tasty BBQs all summer long.

Zucchini-Chickpea Veggie Burgers with Tahini-Ranch Sauce
Credit: Jamie Vespa, M.S., RD

How to Make Homemade Veggie Burgers Like a Pro

Spoiler alert: It's easier (and tastier) than you think.

bowl of quinoa

How to Cook Quinoa

Learn how to make quinoa on the stovetop, in the rice cooker, and in the Instant Pot. Plus, get expert cooking tips and healthy recipes for quinoa salads, bowls, and more.