These Adorable "Fairy Castle" Cactuses Are Just $4 at Aldi Right Now

These easy-care houseplants are so stinkin' cute!

aldi cactuses
Photo: Aldi

We're big plant people here at EatingWell. We've written about hanging strawberry baskets, DIY vegetable gardens, fiddle leaf fig trees and more, because we truly believe that gardening is good for your health. And you don't have to have a big backyard to reap the benefits: even keeping houseplants can help purify the air in your home.

If you're just dipping your toes into gardening—or want to add a fun new houseplant to your existing plant roster—cactuses are the perfect option. Aldi just started carrying two types of cactuses in their stores as part of their June Aldi Finds—and they're only $3.99 each!

We love that Aldi's cactuses—called "Graft" and "Fairy Castle" cactuses, respectively—have colorful blooms to liven up your living space. They come in six different shapes and colors: green, yellow, orange, purple, pink and red. Not to mention, these hardy desert plants are so easy to care for—just place them in a sunny spot away from drafts and let the soil dry out completely between waterings—so they're perfect for new plant parents.

These cactuses hit Aldi shelves on June 3, so swing by your local store to snag one (or ten) ASAP. Since they're an Aldi Find, they won't last very long!

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